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Verilux Compact Portable Liberty Verilux Compact Portable Liberty


For millions of people, light therapy can make a bad day much better - and brighter. The truth is, almost none of us get outside as much as we should to get the amount of natural full spectrum sunlight that we need. Our bodies have evolved to actually require sunlight, and when we don't have enough we can be groggy, irritable, unfocused and more. To make it worse, as days get shorter in the fall and winter, many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the winter blues. This compact light therapy lamp can help make you happier year-round.


This model is smaller than other light therapy lamps, so it is comfortable to have on for longer periods of time. It also has the advantage of being able to be packed in a day bag or suitcase to take with you wherever you go.

We typically suggest starting any HappyLight® routine with a 10-minute dose and build from there to a time that works best for you. It could be 30 minutes, or it could be an hour or more depending on what makes you feel great. At our office, many leave their HappyLight Liberty Compact Light Therapy Lamp on for a couple hours in the morning while they work away at their desks.

The Verilux HappyLight® Liberty Compact Light Therapy Lamp features:

  • Safe, full spectrum light therapy in a compact size.
  • Perfect for the office, late shifts, jet lag, insomnia, and sunlight deprivation.
  • Resets your circadian rhythm and improves mood, focus, energy and sleep.
  • Portable and lightweight, so it fits in a briefcase or backpack.
  • Provides the equivalent benefits of 10,000 lux, UV-free bright white light therapy recommended by professionals with longer usage (at the specified distance - see user manual).

Our Price: $39.95
Verilux Happy Light Liberty Verilux Full Size Happy Light Liberty

Safe, natural spectrum light therapy in a practical, compact size.

Provides 10,000 Lux, UV blocked bright white light therapy recommended by professionals.
Customizes to your personal preference for light intensity with high or low settings, includes two easy to install no glare lenses for high energy or comfort.
Broad surface area emits more light per square inch for efficient light therapy sessions.
Light therapy at the right time of day can help improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm to improve sleep.

Our Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $67.95
Savings: $12.00