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Sleep Disorder Services

At Sleepwatchers LLC, our staff can help you discover and understand your sleep disorder. With both at-home and in-lab sleep studies at your disposal, you can have your sleep disorder diagnosed in the manner that is most convenient and appropriate for you. Our expert staff provides optional consultations before and after testing so that you are informed every step of the way.

At-Home Sleep Studies

For eligible patients, Sleepwatchers can perform at-home sleep studies using the latest technology from ResMed or CleveMed MedicalĀ® in order to detect the presence of sleep apnea. Once we have collected the necessary information from you, it is up to you as to how you would like to receive the equipment for use at home. For your convenience, the sleep testing device can be picked up directly at our facility, delivered in person by one of our well-trained sleep technicians, or we can mail it directly to your home. We will always provide you with step-by-step instructions on the use of the device as well as a prepaid return shipping label so that you may easily send the device back to us the next day. Once we receive the equipment, your results will be processed and delivered to you promptly. Not only are our at-home sleep studies convenient, but they are also a fraction of the cost of our typical in-lab studies and are often covered by your health insurance.

In-Lab Sleep Studies

During our in-lab sleep studies, it is our goal to replicate your home environment to the best of our ability. We will schedule your study according to your usual sleep schedule and, unlike other facilities that limit you to six hours of sleep before waking you, we will mimic your typical night of sleep for up to eight hours at Sleepwatchers. Results are processed quickly but correctly, and we will notify you with the results promptly. Services are usually covered by health insurance, and we will always provide you with costs up front prior to your first appointment.

The Facility

Our facility is located in Antioch, IL and is fully handicap-accessible. We pride ourselves on providing a warm and inviting experience for our patients while maintaining a professional atmosphere. We are equipped with two bedrooms for overnight sleep studies, each furnished with a full-size, pressure-relieving bed in order to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible. Patients will have access to Netflix and other entertainment sources as well as a private bathroom attached to the bedroom. Our facility is small, but personable. This allows our technicians to focus on you during your appointment and customize your stay with us.

Our Qualifications

Sleepwatchers, LLC has been helping people sleep better since February 2002. Our medical director is a board-certified sleep physician and has been a diplomate of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 1999. In addition, we provide behavioral sleep therapy services for adults with insomnia as well as children and teenagers who suffer from sleep problems. If any special equipment is needed to help treat your sleep disorder, we carry that too! From CPAP machines and masks to light therapy boxes and oral appliances, we are both a comprehensive sleep disorders center and medical equipment supplier that can handle all of your sleep needs. For quality results and friendly service, have your sleep study done by Sleepwatchers. Call, text or email us to request an appointment or simply have your physician send a prescription via fax or email.