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Sleep Services in Lake Villa, Illinois
For quality results and friendly service, have your sleep study done by Sleepwatchers. We will treat you like family! Contact us today to request an appointment or simply have your physician send a prescription via fax or email.

Sleep Assessment Locations
Complete your sleep assessment in the comfort of your own home or in our state-of-the-art facility. It is our goal to ensure quality testing and comfort in any situation.

At-Home Sleep Studies
Sleepwatchers performs at-home sleep studies using the finest technology from Watermark Medical®. Using the ARES™ device, we will identify the presence and severity of sleep-disordered breathing by monitoring pulse oximetry, nasal flow, and EEG signals. The ARES device is the most cost-efficient way to screen for sleep apnea

In-Lab Sleep Studies
During in-lab sleep studies, it is our goal to replicate your home environment to the best of our ability. We will schedule your study according to your sleep schedule and you will be permitted to sleep for up to eight hours. Compare this to other labs that record only 6 hour studies!

The Facility
Our facility is handicap-accessible, and we provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for our patients. We are equipped with two bedrooms, each furnished with a full-size, pressure-relieving bed in order to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible. The bedrooms are equipped with cable television and a private bathroom, which includes a walk-in shower.

Contact us in Lake Villa, Illinois, to learn more about how we can assess and begin treatment for sleep disorders.