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Healthy Hose Pro Antimicrobial CPAP Tubing Respironics Lightweight Performance 6 ft CPAP tubing Fisher & Paykel ICON Series CPAP Machines ThermoSmart Heated Hose

Sleep soundly with the world’s first anti-microbial CPAP tube, which was created to prevent and mitigate common bacteria.

The Healthy Hose Pro is made in the USA and is free of latex and bisphenol A (BPA). This product is six feet long with a 19mm hose width and a 22mm cuff width. The product is universal and will work on most CPAP machines. The Healthy Hose Pro is not compatible with machines that require a 15mm hose or machines that need thin or slim tubing. To ensure universal compatibility, the machine must be able to accommodate a six foot hose with 22mm rubber ends.
To use, simply connect one end of the tube to your CPAP machine and the other end to your mask. Routine cleaning helps ensure the performance and longevity of this product. Wash regularly with mild soap and warm water, then lay on a flat surface to dry completely before use.

Standard length (6 ft.) CPAP hose with no need for the rubber cuffs at the end. Performance tubing is 20% lighter and many times more flexible than standard tubing. It works with smaller, lightweight masks, as it is less likely to pull on the mask and disrupt the seal. Fits most CPAP machines and masks with no rubber cuffs needed.
ThermoSmart technology is a rainout reduction feature created by Fisher & Paykel. ThermoSmart technology is a unique heated hose which maintains the warm environment for the airflow to prevent condensation.
With conventional humidification, as air flows from the heated humidifier through the CPAP hose, the surrounding air cools the air inside the CPAP hose. As the air cools, it releases moisture in the tube and mask. The heated hose creates a continuous heated environment to help the air hold its moisture and be delivered effectively to the user.
Respironics Pure White 6 Foot Performance 19mm Diameter Tubing with 22mm Ends Respironics Slimline System One Performance Tubing (15mm) Respironics GoLife Swivel Tubing With Exhalation Port
Compatible with nearly all CPAP, APAP, BiPAP and BiLevel systems for every manufacturer on the market, Respironics' new Pure White Performance 19mm Diameter Tubing with 22mm Ends is 20% lighter and much more flexible than standard tubing. It works well with smaller lightweight masks, as it is less likely to pull on the mask and disrupt the seal.
The ergonomically designed cuff is easier to grasp and remove from the mask or machine.
With a standard 6-foot length, cuff diameter and wall thickness, Performance Tubing can be easily substituted for standard tubing.
Performance Tubing is pure white in color. No more boring, drab and dreary gray for your CPAP tube.
This Respironics performance tubing is for use only with the System One line of CPAP and BiPAP Machines. This 6 foot long 15mm wide tubing is slimmer and lighter than standard tubing.
To be used ONLY with the System One series of machines.
This tubing is 15mm in diameter, but fits a standard 22mm mask and machine.
This tubing is NOT compatible with the DS150 and DS250 models of the System One series.
Replacement Swivel Tubing (18 inch) with exhalation port to Philips Respironics GoLife for Men Nasal Pillow System.