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ResMed AirMiniâ„¢ Travel CPAP Machine Travel Case ResMed S9â„¢ Series CPAP Machines Travel Bag Fisher Paykel Icon Series CPAP Carry Case
The Machine Travel Case for AirMini™ Travel CPAP Machine is a hard-shell case that will hold the AirMini™ Travel CPAP. This case will only hold the machine, it will not fit any other accessories.
The ReSmed S9 Series Travel Bag holds any S9 system along with the H5i integrated heated humidifier, hose, and mask. The bag has a shoulder strap and storage compartment.
You are buying the Icon+ Soft Carrying Case Fisher and Paykel 900ICON315, manufactured by Fisher and Paykel. Fisher and Paykel is a leading manufacturer of CPAP Machines and CPAP accessories.
The FP Icon+ Soft Carrying Case is a case for the FandP ICON Series CPAP machines and is sturdy and sleek. It can hold both your CPAP machine and CPAP mask, plus tubing and other accessories. The protective case can be used with any ICON CPAP including the ICON Novo, ICON Premo, and ICON Auto.
Dimensions: 15 inch H x 10 inch W x 6 inch D
Respironics Remstar Carry Bag Respironics System One Carrying Case ResMed AirMiniâ„¢ Premium Carry Bag
The Respironics REMstar Medium Weight Carrying Case II is the carrying case that is included with the older style Respironics REMstar CPAP machines. The case is big enough to fit a CPAP machine, an integrated CPAP humidifier, CPAP tubing, and a CPAP mask.
This carrying case is padded to keep your equipment well-protected from occasional bumps and handling while traveling. The shoulder strap makes this a great choice as a carry-on bag, even if you're not using it to carry CPAP equipment.
Internal velcro compartment divider
Double zipper
Large front opening
Adjustable length shoulder strap
Expandable rear pocket with velcro enclosures
Bag measures approximately 15"H x 11"W x 9"D
Features the Respironics logo in white
The Carrying Case is designed and recommended for travel with your PR System One CPAP or BiPAP Machine. The case allows you to keep your machine connected with the humidifier while traveling. You do not have the hassles of disconnecting the machine from the humidifier and packing them in different areas within the bag. This bag allows for easy, pack and unpack and the ability to use your machines within a minute. The bag also allows you to pack your tubing, power supply and mask with headgear.
This Product Includes...
1 Carry Bag
1 Shoulder Strap
Product Specifications
Bag Dimensions: 12 in L x 8.75 in W x 3.25 in H
Respironics SimplyGo Mini Carry Bag and Strap Philips Respironics SimplyGo Carrying Case Respironics CPAP Travel Briefcase
SimplyGo Mini Carry Bag and Strap This is a replacement carrying case for the SimplyGo or SimplyFlo oxygen concentrators. This case features a zippered front pouch to store necessities while on the go. This includes the shoulder strap which is padded for comfort.
The Respironics CPAP Travel Briefcase provides an easy way to organize travel items both CPAP related and not. The bag meets FAA carry-on limits and can hold a CPAP machine, laptop, and other small travel items.
The briefcase is made of two sections that zip together to form the briefcase. One section is a CPAP bag, the other a laptop bag:
The CPAP section of the bag features padded compartments to keep CPAP items stored inside less likely to be damaged during travel. It will fit many CPAP machines with humidifier, hose, and mask. The laptop section will fit a laptop with small accessories and other small items.
The briefcase features a padded detachable shoulder strap and handle for comfortable carrying. The back has a strap that will fit over the handle of a larger rolling suitcase.
Respironics SimplyGo Mini backpack Respironics DreamStation CPAP Travel Case Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP
This attractive backpack is designed as an alternative carrying case for the SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The SimplyGo Mini backpack features a zippered pouch for paperwork and accessories; integrated openings for cannulas and power cords; and a sturdy mesh base to ensure proper ventilation during use. A carrying handle is sewn into the top of the backpack and sturdy, adjustable padded shoulder straps are included for when you want to go hands free. The DreamStation Travel Case by Respironics is a compact travel bag designed to help easily travel with a DreamStation CPAP machine (without humidifier), mask, hose, and included 65W power supply. The bag features dedicated compartments for the machine, power supply, and mask with a mesh holder for the hose in the lid of the case. The bag has a removable shoulder strap and a back strap to easily slide onto luggage handles.

Powerful, portable, performance at half the size and two thirds less parts of the standard DreamStation platform, the DreamStation Go offers the same therapy, connectivety and comfort features used by over 5 million CPAP users. This innovative, state of the art design is not only truly portable but built to last. The Go flies through security just like a smartphone. Place it into the optional clamshell to insure a safe transport Optional Battery This FAA approved 1.5 pound rechargeable lithium battery seamlessly integrates with the DreamStation Go. Offering the perfect balance of portability, battery life, and uninterrupted power. It’s great for camping, hotel use, and can be used anywhere in the world. Innovation for CPAP users on the go DreamStation Go CPAP machines provide the portability and pack-ability travelers desire while offering them highly effective therapy required. The DreamStation Go has 1/3 fewer components than other travel CPAP machines without compromising on therapy or comfort. The Go also has a built in power block to eliminate additional bulk. Pluge directly from the unit into the wall! Patient preferred tubing The all-new 12mm micro-flexible tubing is designed to provide you with the added freedom of movement during sleep. Engineered to minimize bulk and improve mobility as a travel CPAP machine, the 12mm tubing is 58% smaller than standard 22mm performance tubing. It offers enhanced flexibility and portability with click-connections on each end which makes connecting and disconnecting the device and mask simple. Proven Flex technology The clinically-proven Flex technologies enhance traditional CPAP therapy and dramatically improves patient comfort. DreamStation Go utilizes the same Flex technology as both the DreamStation and SytemOne CPAP devices. The DreamStation go uses Flex to automatically evaluate user breathing patterns and provide pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation while also easing pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation in an effort to mirror the user’s natural breathing on a breath by breath basis. Flex delivers the right amount of pressure at the correct time making it much easier to stick with CPAP therapy. DreamMapper cross-device connectivity Users now have the ability to track and monitor their combined progress across both home and portable PAP devices in one convenient dashboard on their smartphone, tablet or computer. If users also own a DreamStation Auto CPAP they can incorporate both machine’s data into the DreamMapper software. With this, compliance and data history is consistent and able to be reviewed without past gaps.