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Respironics DreamStation CPAP Machine (RX Required) Respironics DreamStation CPAP Machine (RX Required)

PR's DreamStation CPAP Machine has an accessible and user-friendly menu designed to provide alerts and sleep results for CPAP users. Choose from one of the many detailed, setup options to select flex pressure relief, ramp, or OPTIONAL humidification. Download the Respironics' DreamMapper app onto a tablet or smartphone to access nightly sleep results relayed through Bluetooth wireless technology. DreamMapper is available on Apple devices with iOS 6 or newer and Android products 2.2 or newer.
The OPTIONAL DreamStation Heated Humidifier is an add-on designed to prevent dryness and congestion as a result of sleep therapy. Integrate the machine and humidifier to provide warm air to CPAP users. A unique 'Preheat' feature has been incorporated into the DreamStation Humidifier to begin warming the water chamber 30 minutes in advance. Be sure the blower is turned to OFF and the humidifier is connected before selecting this feature.
Tube temperature and humidification settings can be set while the unit is in operation. Use the control dial to make the selections. Also, Adaptive mode can be enabled which will monitor ambient humidity levels and automatically adjust heat settings to provide optimum humidification while helping reduce rainout.
The DreamStation CPAP has a built-in Bluetooth connection which allows the device to pair directly with the PR DreamMapper mobile and web-based program. Enable the Bluetooth feature and download the SleepMapper app onto a smartphone or tablet (not included) to begin reviewing detailed sleep results. Use the free application to begin accessing nightly results through a personalized account on a handheld device. Please Note: The results are only available on one device at a time.
The Ramp feature and SmartRamp feature are both designed to gradually adjust the user to CPAP therapy. Though the Ramp features are similar, there are a few differences between the two options. Ramp is intended to gently increase CPAP pressure from half of the prescribed pressure to the full pressure within a chosen period of time. To operate the Ramp feature, a minimum CPAP pressure of 4cm H2O is required. Choose a time ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to allow the machine to build the pressure in increments of 0.5cm H2O before reaching the prescribed pressure.
In CPAP mode, SmartRamp uses an Auto-CPAP algorithm, making adjustments to the decreased pressure based on a breath by breath basis. Once SmartRamp reaches the prescribed pressure, the device will begin operating as a CPAP machine at the prescribed pressure. Please Note: During SmartRamp, if the minimum pressure is not reached before Ramp is complete, the pressure will increase by 1cm H2O each minute following the conclusion of Ramp.
C-Flex Technology is a pressure relief feature designed for CPAP machines. A range of settings numbered 1 through 3 are established to create varying levels of pressure reduction upon exhalation. Setting 1 is used to apply the least amount of change, while Setting 3 offers the greatest ease upon exhalation.
PR's DreamStation Series was built with a simplistic and practical LCD screen. While the User Interface is in use, the screen is well lit. As the lights in the room are dimmed, the screen's sensor is designed expel the light from the screen. Please Note: The control dial is used to view the menu. The screen does not have touch screen capabilities.
Sleep results are posted on the User Interface to display results and goals for sleep therapy.
The first screen accounts for a "Three Night Summary" which is determined after 12pm on the third day of treatment. Refer to the User Interface to view the results as they update each day.
Daily sleep compliance results are provided after the most recent session. If the user sleeps 4 or more hours, the session is considered successful, rendering a green bar on the right side of the screen. If the user does not reach the anticipated 4 hour mark, the therapy will be noted by a yellow bar in the right corner of the screen.
The second screen is in place for the first 90 days unless the sleep goal is met before the completion of this time. The data details the number of compliant nights recorded over the previous 30 days. A minimum of 21 successful four hour nights is needed to reach the 70% desired goal in order to surpass the screen before the end of 90 days.
Dry Box technology was created to help reduce the chance of water damage when the OPTIONAL humidifier is used with the DreamStation machine. In the instance that water may escape from the chamber, the Dry Box is designed to trap the water within the walls of the unit to prevent water from traveling throughout the machine and humidifier connection. Additionally, the air outlet port uses a one way valve to prevent water from exiting the water chamber and entering the machine. The air outlet port is located on the top of the water chamber to help minimize total water displacement.
System One Resistance Control was developed by Respironics to help their machines reach the optimal pressure by using a numbering system which allows the CPAP device to recognize the mask. It achieves accuracy and reliability by instructing the device to compensate for the specific mask type. Please Note: PR masks are the only masks designed with a resistance control number, so this machine feature is only compatible with Philips Respironics masks.
Scroll through the User Interface using the control dial. The "My Setup" section allows the user to enable a variety of features found on the DreamStation device.
Ramp: Choose the time in which the machine will gradually adjust the user to the prescribed pressure.
Flex: Select between 3 flex settings intended to decrease the pressure upon exhalation.
Humidification: Determine the humidity level by selecting a number from 0 to 5. Level 0 represents humidification that has been turned OFF, while Level 1 is the lowest form of humidity and Level 5 is the most significant level of humidity. Also, the DreamStation Humidifier can deliver different humidification modes: Fixed Humidification, Adaptive Humidification, and Heated Tube Humidification.
Tube Type: Specify the type of CPAP hose being used with the machine. The setting will correspond directly to the diameter of the hose, whether it is 22mm or 15mm. A separate setting can be selected by those using a 15H Heated Tube.
Modem: Use the screen to control the modem. If the modem is switched to OFF, it will automatically turn ON again after 3 days.
Bluetooth: Enable the bluetooth option to transmit sleep data from the machine to a personalized DreamMapper account.
Time: Use this option to change or update the display time in increments of 30 minutes from this screen. The default setting is Greenwich Mean Time.

Our Price: $449.00
Transcend 3 miniCPAP Machine  (RX Required) Transcend 3 miniCPAP Machine (RX Required)

The Transcend 3 miniCPAP follows in the footsteps of the original Transcend by creating one of the lightest CPAP machines available today. It's also small enough that it can fit into any briefcase, suitcase, or even a camping rucksack without taking up too much space.

Features & Benefits

  • Tiny Size and Weight Designed for Busy Travelers
  • Updated Modern Design for Improved Stability
  • FAA Certified for In-Flight Use
  • Convenient Drying Mode Removes Excess Moisture
  • Ramp-Up Feature with EZEX Helps Make it More Comfortable to Fall Asleep
  • You're Fully Protected: 3-Year Warranty & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Fully Customizable Battery Options for Every Travel Need

Designed for Busy Travelers

If you're a true road warrior or someone with an active lifestyle, you know that most CPAP machines just can't keep up. Many are too big and bulky to fit in a small bag or have limited battery power options. The Transcend 3 is small enough and light enough to be carried anywhere, even a purse or briefcase. The device is intended to be grab-and-go with customized battery options designed to accommodate any kind of trip.

Updated Modern Design for Greater Stability

The Transcend 3 took the design of the Transcend 2 and modernized it, creating a flat bottom for greater stability, and added a swivel to the hose outlet using a standard hose connection instead of requiring an adapter, making it easier to move about during sleep.

FAA Certified for In-Flight Use

Take to the skies easily with your FAA-certified Transcend 3! It can breeze through airport security as a medical device, and be both carried on and used in-flight. You'll enjoy the comfort of your CPAP therapy while you fly to your next meeting or adventure.

Convenient Drying Mode Removes Excess Moisture

If you are worried about excess moisture, just activate drying mode. Drying mode will blow a steady stream of air (not at therapeutic pressure) through the hose, eliminating any moisture left behind after cleaning or a night of therapy. This helps prevent the spread of germs and the formation of mold from your therapy.

Ramp Feature with EZEX Helps Make it Easier to Fall and Stay Asleep

The Transcend 3 will start therapy out at the lowest possible pressure, and gradually increases the pressure slowly over a period of time. By the time you reach full therapeutic pressure, you'll likely be asleep. The EZEX feature gently reduces pressure on exhale, making it easier to breathe out. Both ramp and EZEX come standard on the Transcend 3.

You're Fully Protected!

The Transcend 3 miniCPAP has one of the best warranties available, protecting the device for a standard 3 years from manufacturer defects and issues. We also have you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee, making the purchase of your new Transcend almost risk-free. If you don't like it for any reason, simply return it (within 30 days of purchase) and get a full refund.

OPTIONAL: Portable Battery Designed to Accommodate All Travel Needs

The Transcend P8 Battery is designed to accommodate your needs whether you're a frequent air traveller, or you just enjoy being outdoors. At a pressure setting of 14, the P8 Battery can provide therapy for up to 14 hours, and is compatible with the Transcend 2 and the Transcend 3.

List Price: $499.00
Our Price: $499.00