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How much does i-Lipo cost?

REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be issued after treatment commences. This includes treatments completed, in progress, or *pre-paid sessions. A partial refund (amount paid less $25 consultation fee) will be issued if the client is declined for treatment. If the client disputes a purchase on the credit card used for payment, a refund will not be issued and any fees incurred by Sleepwatchers will be charged to the card on file. *When a package is purchased, refunds on unused sessions are generally not refundable. If approved, the refund will be prorated and any discounts will be removed prior to the refund.

Already a Sleepwatchers customer?

We would like to show our appreciation to existing Sleepwatchers clients by offering a Sleepwatchers loyalty discount on i-Lipo services. All Sleepwatchers customers will receive the same pricing as those purchasing a second body part. This includes a $25 discount on the initial consultation as well as a $50 discount on the initial iLipo package price. Schedule your consultation today for a total transformation!

*Customers must have placed an order for other services in the last 12 months and the account must be paid in full to receive the iLipo discounts.