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Sleepwatchers provides home sleep testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep apnea for individuals all around the country. Testing and treatment may be completed remotely from the location you choose. We can ship the device to your home or office and then provide results within 5-7 business days of the device being returned.

Sleep Study for Initial Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea and Snoring

If you have been told that you snore or stop breathing in your sleep, you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Our at-home sleep testing is easy, affordable, and very accurate!

Easy: The home sleep testing equipment can be picked up or mailed directly to your home. You wear the device overnight, and then return the equipment to our facility. Results will be processed within 5-7 business days and faxed directly to your physician.

Accurate: Our home sleep testing devices have been validated to be as effective as an in-lab sleep studies, yet with the convenience and simplicity of being performed in the comfort of the patients home. Plus, we only use Board Certified Sleep Physicians to ensure that you receive professional results.

Affordable: Home sleep tests are a fraction of the cost of an in-lab study. All pertinent expenses are included starting as low as $200*. Plus, we accept many insurance plans to offset the out of pocket costs associated with diagnosis AND treatment.

*The advertised price of an at-home sleep study includes acquiring the data, analyzing the data, reporting and physician interpretation. Shipping & handling to and from the patient. NOTE: Medical insurance may cover all or a portion of these costs; however, medical insurance will not reimburse for shipping & handling.

Sleep Study for DOT Physical and CDL Renewal

Many of our clients are professional CDL drivers including school bus drivers, truckers, and more. Our at-home testing is usually the best way to identify the presence and severity of sleep apnea. The sleep apnea monitoring device can be picked up or shipped to a convenient location anywhere in the United States. Then, you will wear the device for one night, ship the device back to our facility, and your results will be processed. If you are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, we will also provide the necessary treatment to keep you behind the wheel! We offer a full line of PAP therapy devices for a one-stop-shop experience.

Remember, if you have health insurance we may be able to bill your insurance carrier for the testing and treatment services to save you money!

Compliance Reporting to Prove Adequate Use of PAP Machine

Periodically, your physician, employer or the DOT may require that you prove that you are using your machine consistently. The equipment we supply our patients with allows us to communicate with you no matter where you are located. You will have a choice of several machines that allow the transfer of data from your machine to us via USB stick, SD card, or wireless technology. You can choose whichever technology is the most convenient for you and we will ship the appropriate machine and supplies to you. A technician will consult with you in-person or over the phone to explain how to use your equipment and how to transfer your data when the time comes. When proof is required, we will provide a compliance report for a $30 charge to the requesting physician.