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The ApneaLink Air device is indicated for use by Health Care Professionals (HCP), where it may aid in the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing for adult patients. ApneaLink Air records the following data: patient respiratory nasal airflow, snoring, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, respiratory effort and body position during sleep. The device uses these recordings to produce a report that may aid in the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing or for further clinical investigation.

SleepViewĀ® is a home sleep monitor with lightest possible weight and smallest possible size. It comes with AASM recommended guidelines. The 8 - channel SleepView is developed keeping ease of use in mind so that patients can perform self-sleep test easily at home by themselves without anybody's help. This is a compact type III, 8 channel home sleep monitor following the AASM recommendations with light weight and small size. It is so easy to operate for its ergonomic features that patients can perform their own test. Its sensor check gives signal for proper sensor connection.