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OptiPillows EPAP Mask OptiPillows EPAP Mask

● Only EPAP Device with Adjustable Pressure

● No Tubing, Machine, or Power Supply Needed

● Nighttime Movement is Not Restricted

● Reusable & Cost Effective

● Lightweight & Comfortable

● No Prescription Required

Get the Sleep you Deserve

Optipillows alleviates snoring by preventing upper airway obstruction.

Optipillows EPAP Mask is a nasal mask that uses Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure for

treatment of snoring.

Optipillows EPAP Mask is FDA cleared and is used like a CPAP nasal pillow mask, but

without the tubing or machine.

Optipillows EPAP Mask comes as a kit which includes headgear, the proprietary EPAP

valve, and 3 sizes of nasal pillows. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and does not require

a prescription. Optipillows is reusable, lasting up to one year.

Optipillows EPAP Mask is the only EPAP device on the market that offers adjustable

pressure. During inhalation, the membrane opens allowing users to breathe in easily.

During exhalation, the membrane closes and redirects the expired air through a narrow

opening on the side of the valve. This creates Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP)

in the mouth and back of the throat, which helps keep the upper airways open and

prevents snoring. Based on the needs of the user, the pressure can be adjusted by

rotating the patented valve sleeve to make the opening larger or smaller.

Using Expiratory Positive Air Pressure to Alleviate Snoring & Give you Back a Restful

Night's Sleep.

Tired of waking up throughout the night due to snoring? Need a comfortable solution

that you can live (sleep) with? That's why we created Optipillows EPAP Mask. It works

like a CPAP mask, but without the tubing and machine. Optipillows also requires

no power source.

What Causes Snoring? During sleep muscles & tissues around the throat relax and settle

toward the back of the mouth. This causes obstruction of the upper airway which leads

to snoring.

Our Price: $109.00