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Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

Our Price: $58.00

Product Code: 400BRE131


Fisher & Paykel's Brevida™ Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Assembly Kit is the mask only, and does not include the headgear. Mask assembly kits are a way to refresh your mask without having to purchase the full mask.
The Brevida™ Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask offers a minimalistic approach to the traditional CPAP mask. The AirPillow™ seal extends from the tip of the nose to the cheek, resting just above the upper lip. Position the pillows inside the nostrils and allow the outer walls to stabilize the seal.
The Brevida™ Nasal Pillow Mask is a lightweight nasal pillow mask designed for comfort and support. The AirPillow™ cushion inflates as air flows through the mask into the cushion and through the nasal passages. The soft walls extend past the nose into the base of the cheekbone to help secure the fit and prolong the seal.
  • AirPillow™ Nasal Pillow Cushion
  • Versatile Nasal Pillow Sizing
  • Short Tube With Swivel
  • Washable Diffuser Cap & Filter
The AirPillow™ cushion is minimalist and triangular in shape, extending from the tip of the nose to the upper lip. The unique design creates a seal in and around the nose. This concept is unique as most nasal pillow mask seal inside the nostrils only.
The cushion walls are thin, measuring 0.25mm, and they extend out slightly to create balance against the face and to create a stable seal. For increased stability during inhalation, F&P created an inflatable AirPillow™ nasal cushion, which moves the cushion closer to the nose during inhalation. As the user exhales, the material once again relaxes, allowing for ease of breath at each stage of CPAP therapy.
Versatile Nasal Pillow Sizing
The Brevida™ nasal pillow mask is designed to accommodate a wide range of facial structures. One cushion is intended to fit up to two sizes: X-Small - Small or Medium - Large, increasing the potential for an accurate fit with fewer attempts to purchase the correctly sized cushion.
Short Tube With Swivel
The short tube and swivel connect at the opening in the nasal pillow cushion, creating space between the mask and the CPAP hose. The additional space allows the user more mobility throughout the night, creating a more gentle CPAP experience.
Washable Diffuser Cap & Filter
The diffuser cap and filter sits between the mask frame and the short tube, diffusing the sound of the air as it is released from the mask and capturing fine particles. As the filter and cap combination become dirty, functionality may decrease, but the Brevida™ diffuser cap and filter are washable. Clean once a week to prolong the life of the equipment and maintain mask functionality.

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